The Ultimate Energizer Guide Review – Can You Power Up Large Appliances With It?

If you are paying over $100+ for your monthly electricity bill then you should read this post till the end.

Cut Electricity Bill By HalfThe production cost of electricity is not as expensive as these electricity supply companies are charging from us.

From some sources and after recovering their investment, THEY ARE GETTING FREE ELECTRICITY.

The good news is, you can also do it. And you don’t need a big investment to generate your own electricity.

In the recent past, we saw many digital programs (like Power Efficiency Guide, Nomad Power System, Smart Solar Box, and more) popping up to teach how to generate own electricity and slash electricity bills by half.

Although these programs contain useful information to generate electricity, the problem with these programs is they can’t power up big electrical appliances such as Refrigerator and AC units.

Being a DIY enthusiast, I’ve reviewed many programs like these in the recent past, and I know their limitation.

However, recently I stumble upon a new digital program in this category called “The Ultimate Energizer Guide” that makes a BOLD CLAIM,

“Power up ANY kind of household appliances – from lamps and toasters, to electricity hogs like refrigerators and AC units.”

This line grabs my attention, and I decided to purchase it, and try it to see if it stands by its claim.

In this The Ultimate Energizer Guide review, I am going to reveal what is it, how it works, and if it really delivers what its claims on the sales page. So stay with me.

Who Is This Program Best Suited For?

This program is for all those responsible citizens of their families who want to take control of the power supply in their home and don’t want to give their freedom to electricity supply companies.

This Ultimate Energizer device is the solution for those people who are tired of paying high electricity bills.

This program is for those survivalists or preppers who want to protect himself, his family, and his friends from any unfortunate condition.

This is a very handy tool to overcome unannounced and unexpected power breakdown.

This Ultimate Energizer device can:

  • Keep your phone and communication devices charged
  • Keep your house warm
  • Help you to prepare food for your children and family
  • Keep your house lights up when your neighborhood struggling from the darkness

As you can see, there are numerous benefits that you can get just by setting up this little Ultimate Energizer device which cost less than 210 dollars and only 2 hours to set up.

What Is Steven’s The Ultimate Energizer Guide All About?

The Ultimate Energizer Guide

Steven Perkins created this guide for those people who are looking for a simple yet powerful method to generate your own electricity. This guide teaches users how to set up electricity generators that can generate electricity day in and day out.

The setup cost of this power generator is $210 and it takes less than 60 minutes to set up. You don’t need any engineer degree or professional help to set up this generator. You can do-it-yourself and grow the amount of generator according to your electricity needs.

The idea of this Ultimate Energizer device came from the last son of Nikola Tesla, Arthur H. Matthews, who was working on this project with his father. After the death of Nikola Tesla, Arthur Matthews started living secretly until recently. The recent report suggests that Arthur Matthews (read: Son of Tesla) was the only son of Nikola Tesla and Nikola shared many secrets with his sons due to his loyalty with him.

The author of Ultimate Energizer Guide believes that this small device is capable of generating 75% electricity of an average home electricity need.

How Much This Ultimate Energizer Machine Will Going To Cost You?

The first thing that you need to build this generator is The Ultimate Energizer Guide by Steven Perkins that will cost you $27 through this special link. Although, the regular cost of this guide is $49 but I discovered this discounted link that saved me 45%. (Not bad)

Next, you need equipment.

Hardware ToolsWhen I build this generator, I only purchased a stainless steel coil that cost me around $70 because I already had wires and other tools. Even if you are buying these wires and tools, I don’t think it will cost more than $25.

So, the final cost of this generator is just over $100.

If you are paying over $100 in your monthly electricity bills then I must say this is not the bad investment provided all the money you will invest in purchasing these tools will also come handy in your next DIY project.

The great thing is, you only need two hours to set up this power generating device. Some people even finish it under 58 minutes. So it all depends on your experience, knowledge, and how you follow the guidelines.

How Does It Work?

The main objective of the Ultimate Energizer Guide is to give you the guidelines and blueprint required for building this Ultimate Energizer generator in most straightforward way possible.

The Ultimate Energizer machine works by creating the imbalance of magnetic forces between the rotor and a stator. It maintains this imbalance of magnetic fields to avoid technical problems.

As a result, this machine keeps on generating electricity without zero maintenance. Unlike solar panels that need to be protected as they are kept on the roof, this machine can work anywhere. You can put it in your balcony, or backyard.

Final Thoughts:

money back guarantee

As I already told you, there are many programs and guides in this category that teaches how to set up a power generating machine for the home use.

However, the main problem that The Ultimate Energizer Guide tries to solve is putting large home appliances into the free electricity to cut down electricity bills sharply.


We all know home appliances such as refrigerator and AC units need a large amount of power, and by getting free electricity for them will greatly reduce your electricity bill.

Overall, I feel Steven Perkins The Ultimate Energizer Guide worth a try as you can get some saving in your electricity bill and put your contribution towards saving our Earth by using environmental-friendly electricity.

That’s all from this Ultimate Energizer Guide review and if you have something to contribute about this program, then feel free to use the comment box below.

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